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Hello Everyone. If you’re here, it’s likely that either: I sent you a link to this page, or someone I sent the link to did. In either case: awrite?


Like most folks, I’m finding the outbreak of COVID-19 a mixture of surreal, overwhelming, boring and pretty shite. As a lot of folks know, I’ve been living in Western Canada since 2010. I decided to move back to Scotland in May 2020. So, you can imagine how well that’s going so far…


So, I find myself trying to help my friends and family by proxy, separated by 6,300km and a 7 hour time difference. In light of this, my efforts have turned to what I can do to chip in remotely. Below are a few resources that I hope help people weather the storm. The list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re reading this, chances are I care about helping you however I’m able. I’m twiddling my thumbs in my igloo until aircraft are moving again, so if there’s anything you need a hand with, ask away.

Entertainment – Video


If you’re self-isolating at the moment, I’m guessing you might be nearing Level 100 on Netflix? I’ve set up a free video server (Plex) for anyone who’s looking for something to watch. Plex works just like Netflix, but with a less gadz, more intuitive interface and the content is chosen by me (and you). If you’d like access, just ask. If you’d like a film, program or documentary that’s not on there, let me know. I’m hoping to fill the server with content for folks of all ages and interests, so if you or a loved one has a request that would make quarantine better, let me know what you want on there.

  • If you’d like access – Send me the email address that you want your invite sent to.
  • If you have a loved one that’s stuck inside and would benefit from a show or film, let me know.
  • If you need the link to the web page, it’s, then click on “CoronaVision” and look through the content marked “Griogair’s”.

Plex also has apps for phones, tablets, smart TV’s, Apple TV et al. All free. (Don’t pay for any of the upgrades…you don’t need them). Plex also offers a bunch of their own content, but to be honest most of it is 80’s action movies with The Muscles from Brussels. But it’s also all free. Bear with me as I upload media. The server is fast, but my home upload can’t keep up.

Entertainment – Reading


Here are a few links to eBooks that are completely free to add to your tablets, kindles, etc.:




If you were thinking about getting or staying fit while stuck at home, below are my personal experiences with working out at home with limited equipment. If we’ve chatted in the last couple of months, I’ll have mentioned (too many times) that I recently started working out. I’m not quite GymBro levels of annoying, but I found a system that’s worked super well for me, and I’m pretty chatty about it to anyone with similar goals.

So, after a rough couple of months in Scotland at the end of 2019, I came back to Canada and decided to sort my shit out (both mentally and physically). I’ve been hassled with back pain for well over a decade (kicked in the spine after a couple of garden beers). I have aches relating to a herniated disk in my neck (fell off a waterslide after a couple of waterpark beers), and a torn meniscus in my knee (chasing the cat around after a couple of Christmas beers)…. Correlation, meet Causation.

2020’s new year’s resolution was to fix my back, and hopefully improve my physical and mental wellbeing as a side effect. After a bit of Googling, my exercise research kept coming back to “bodyweight fitness”. This is basically: Calisthenics (pullups, pushups, plank, dips, etc.), Gymnastics (rings, handstands, planche, etc.) and Bouldering (climbing stuff).

About the same time I came across and their “Recommended Routine“. I can’t stress enough how important finding this program has been to me. I started the routine 2020-01-09 and have never been in better shape in my life (yes, after only 3 months). The improvement I personally experienced (in terms of functional strength, hypertrophy and reduced body fat) is substantial. Most importantly, literally all my aches and pains are gone. Your mileage may vary, but finding this SubReddit has changed my life markedly for the better. I cannot praise the “Recommended Routine” enough for anyone looking to get fitter. I’m mentioning this here as every single exercise can be done indoors with basically zero equipment. It’s all simple stuff that’s really easy to do in self-isolation. Pushups, plank, squats, pullups, rows at the lower end. And muscle-ups, planche, handstands, gymnastics ring-work at the upper end. There’s something for everyone. No expensive gear.


  • Here’s a link to the Recommended Routine. There are variations for all ages and abilities.
  • Here’s a free quarantine routine by CalisthenicMovement. Honestly, most of the Youtube calisthenics people are sort of wanky “influencer” types, but CalisthenicMovement is one of the exceptions. Highly recommended.
  • Lastly, in light of COVID-19, good guy Adam Reds made his Recommended Routine Fitness Journal totally free for both the General and Female specific versions. You can download it free here. It’s for tracking the Recommended Routine.

Food / Gardening – Free Seeds


OK, so I’m a wee bit of a hoarder and grower of heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds. I had big plans for growing this year, which (being a few thousand Km away from the garden) are on hold. If you or someone you know has always fancied growing their own Hot Peppers or Heirloom Tomatoes or just fancy a project or some plants for company, give me a shout and I’ll mail you some weird and wonderful seeds, free. I added ~150 varieties of Pepper, Tomato and Aubergine to my collection this year, so I have loads of good stuff for anyone who fancies it. I have dwarf varieties too if space is tight for you.

Send me a message with what you’re interested in growing (e.g. Spicy Peppers, Heirloom Cherry Tomato) and where (e.g. In my conservatory, On my kitchen windowsill) and your address, and I’ll have them popped in the mail. If you have any success with the seeds, I’d love to see some pictures of your results in a few weeks / months. I’m happy to post anywhere in Scotland, England, NI or Wales.

Food – Recipes


Here are a couple of recipe books I like for anyone who’s cooking more at home (please excuse all the imperial measurements, Americans are allergic to metric):



Shortage of Goods


I’m guessing everyone has been affected by a disruption in the availability of goods. It got me thinking that what may be in short supply in one place, may still be readily available in another. With this in mind, if an item you need to make your situation better is available in Canada, I’ll happily forward it on to you. One caveat is that Canada Post and similar shippers are not particularly well priced, so shipping loo roll is out. But if what you’re after is small and light, I’m happy to forward it on.

Coronavirus in Scotland


There’s enough good Britain-wide info out there from reputable sources (I like The Guardian). However, here are a couple of sites I thought were useful for Scottish cases:


Pets – Free Cat Grass


In anticipation of heading home, I bought a big bag of organic wheat for my two cats. I grow greens such as wheat, rye, alfalfa, etc. in small batches for my cats to nom on. If you have a cat pal that likes cat grass, give me a shout and I’ll have a portion of my bag posted to you. I’m happy to post anywhere in Scotland, England, NI or Wales.

Contact Details


If you want anything mentioned above, shoot me a message on the usual unsocial media channels or messaging apps. Or, email me here:

If you’re bored, I’m also happy to blether endlessly about:

Outdoor pursuits of any flavour, Skiing, Growing Food, Aviation, Pets, Travel, Nature Conservation, Rewilding, Bodyweight Fitness, Bouldering, Motorbikes, Horses, Funny Shit, Shenanigans, Indy2. Good Stories, Ryan Reynolds.

I’m nae use at football or celebrity chat.




  • Corona page created.
  • Plex server spun up. Media migration started. 500Gb of media added.